Have you ever given a thought why your home is shivery cold? No, never take this for granted. There are people who, in spite of feeling the extremes of temperature inside the house, give little attention to it. They are happy with the concept that ‘It’s our house and it is like that’. This is really not an issue to be neglected. You will have to realize that your house has a defective insulation system and hence you need to correct it. Now, naturally the question crops up that from where you can get the best service.

    insulation contractors

    insulation contractors

    There are several insulation contractors in the market. Some of them may offer you attractive offers and discounts for providing service. They will take up the entire insulation contract for your residential or commercial structures and all you need to do is just pay them and be relaxed. Starting from assessment till the final installation and quality check, they execute every work for you. They transform your home into a more comfortable zone with improved heating and cooling efficiency. But who is the best to hire? Here are given 10 strategic questions to ask while hiring your insulation contractor:-

    Is he a reputed contactor?

    Look for labels and names with proper descriptions when the contractors take up your work. If he is a reputed one, you will definitely find these things in his insulation. Take a look at the certificates of the contractor. Don’t be shy. As his employer, you have the full right to do so. You can ask your bank to get a report on the contractor’s credit rating for ensuring trust and reputation.

    Do they have any previous records?

    Well, to ensure quality, you can ask for some of their previous work records. Feedbacks from their previous customers can be a great help for you to decide whether you are hiring the right insulation contractor. You can look into their record books and can even contact a previous customer for getting such feedbacks.

    Have you checked for recommendations?

    insulation contractors

    insulation contractors

    The best way for getting a reliable insulation contractor is to go for someone reputable with trustworthy recommendations. When another friend or neighbour recommends you of taking up a certain contractor, you can be sure of its quality.

    Are they taking proper time?

    Check whether the contractor is taking ample time for the installation processes. A rush through will point out inefficiency. Make sure that they are taking utmost care and monitoring the entire work. Also see that they are taking time to measure the appropriate thickness that your insulation should have.

    What about the quality of product?

    Each bag of insulation has to be marked by an R-value. Make sure that the proper amount is installed in your structure. Remember that R-value discussion is extremely important and they are determined by material type, thickness and installed weight per square foot in case of loose-fill installation. Also make sure from the labels that the insulation is environment-friendly.

    Is the work getting too messy?

    A properly trained and certified contractor will never make the installation process messy. They will execute the work with neatness and proper management. If you see them getting too messy about the work, you surely have bumped into the wrong one.

    Is the odor unbearable?

    Insulation like spray foam will surely emit some amount of smell while the work is executed. But when this odor gets unbearable, you have to understand that something is wrong. This means that the contractor is not using ecological products and there are harmful chemicals in it that will affect your health as well as the environment. Immediately put him out of work.

    Are they professional?

    Are they coming in proper time? Are they discussing things with technological terms? Are their bags of insulation properly labelled? Make sure you get answers to such questions. A professional insulation contractor will always carry materials with written R-values. Never hire a contractor too casual in approach and carrying insulation packed in bags without any labels.

    What about their payment modes and insurances?

    It is always advisable to go for an insulation contractor who pays his workers and installers on the basis of hours. When the payment is made on square footage, they always try to do a hasty job on your house to cover the maximum area that they can. Also check whether the contractor has an insurance to protect his own men if they are injured and for recovering damages made to your house by them. Check the current updated insurance.

    Having proper websites and helpline numbers?

    A very wise way of checking for the reliability of your insulation contractor now-a-days is to check whether they have a well-designed website and a customer helpline team. In this age of digitalization, every trustworthy and reputed contractor will surely have a website and a customer care unit.  Go for the ones that are having so.