• Testimonials

  • "Now that the temps are turning, I can totally feel the difference in my home after having Green Solution Insulation do the insulation in it! Seriously...my home feels warm in the morning and when I come home in the evening----and I've yet to even have to turn the furnace on yet. Huge difference from before. THANK YOU Green Solution INSULATION!!!”- Wendy, Homeowner

    David King

  • "Green Solution Insulation provided insulation for my new construction home and they did a great job. Our heating bills have been very reasonable and the home seems to hold heat for a long time once the furnace is shut off. Locally owned and operated. Excellent service and experience overall! Highly recommended!" - Jeff, Homeowner

    Candice Patterson

  • "Green Solution insulated my first home 25 years ago so I called them for reinsulating my current home when I remodeled 20 years ago. Hard to tell the difference between insulation companies at that point but [Green Solution had recently] reinvented [their] business... it is outstanding for customer service. We did more remodeling this spring, standards have changed, and I wanted them to "top up" above the remodeled area. The estimator put on booties (impressed) when he walked in, climbed into the attic and pointed out that it didn't need much insulation but suggested more air chutes for ventilation, boxing the can lights we had installed and taping a wall to prevent air infiltration. Things I hadn't even thought of and he explained why each would help with heat loss. So then I dragged him into the basement to look at the box sills with original fiberglass insulation in them that mice seem to use as doorways. They scheduled, at our convenience, one crew to do both jobs, showed up on time, rolled out the canvas ahead of them and cleaned up after themselves. Then the basement project to foam the sills and out of the house on schedule. A great customer service experience, reasonable prices and the mice haven't come in since!" - Homeowner

    Michael Clifford

  • "Green Solution added insulation to our attic. We have a house that is 40 years old, and I was certain the attic wasn't where it should be. They did the job in a short time and left the house in great shape - I even had to call them to be sure they had come. We saw an immediate change in our energy bills. Within just a few months of savings during the heating season, we paid for the job. They staff was very nice and I would definitely recommend them to my family and friends." - Homeowner

    Margaret Brown

  • "The job went very good. The expert that came out to write up the bid was extremely knowledgeable and took the time to thoroughly inspect the attic and basement; this was part of a Green Madison, Focus On Energy project and he took the time to look over the scope of work document and checked on the findings in the document. I don't have a very big attic so the job only took about 3 hours. Even though this was a small job, they took the extra time to answer my questions, and treated me like a valued customer. They were very familiar with the Focus on Energy project and I instantly had a $460 credit applied to my statement and I didn't even have to fill out any extra paperwork."

    William R. Salzman

  • "When I choose a sub-contractor for my homes, I focus on quality work and materials. If a sub doesn't meet my needs, I will not use them. Since 1996, Green Solution Insulation has been my insulation installer. They are up to date with the latest techniques and use quality materials. They have always been on time and stuck to my schedules, whether I am building new construction or remodeling. Gary and the crew have always done first class work. Keep it up!" - Tom Forster, Forster Construction, LLC

    Gloria Pryor